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Professional and technical service

Our company is providing professional and technical consulting. Based on many years of experience of our sales team in the field of
non-ferrous metals we can respond to special requirements and wishes of our clients. You don´t have to go anywhere – we will arrange everything from our office by phone, email or online.


We are a company providing supplies of metallurgical semifinished products from non-ferrous metals. We provide quality service, professional personal approach to client requirements and comprehensive service. We try to approach to customer requirements professionally and humanely during the entire marketing sales process from the receipt of the demand through quotation, purchase, assembly, a packaging, sales to the actual physical delivery and subsequent complete warranty and post-warranty service. We provide professional technical advice in the selection of suitable materials depending on the purpose of usage of the final product, competitive prices, qualified and professional approach based on 27 years of personal experience and practise of business team members in the field
of metallurgical semi-finished products. We guarantee our customers maximum satisfaction, quality and price competitiveness on European markets and long-term cooperation.

WATER JET - shape cutting

We provide shape cutting with a water jet of aluminium products.
To process the offer for water jet cutting we require that the drawings should be sent in electronic form in the format
.dxf or .dwg.
In the request state whether the product will be further processed or should be finished. It is important that we appraise the optimal cut quality for you.
Water jet cutting – its inaccuracy increases with the thickness of the cut material.
We offer two grades of cutting:
  1. Maximum quality – used in finished products where the customer no longer wants to process the material or only minimally. It is used up to a thickness of approx. 50mm. Cutting tolerance can be achieved +/- 0,3mm.
  2. Medium quality – used for larger material thicknesses up to 100mm where exact measures are not required.


We have included in the offer a new range of metallurgical semi-finished products from W-Wolfram, alloys of wolfram-copper materials W/Cu as well as other copper alloys such as CuCr1Zr, CuBe2, CuCoNiBe, CuCo2Be, CuNi2Si, CuNi10Fe and others.
These are materials with high strength and hardness, suitable for special types of welding as well as high voltage joints.
Send us your inquiry for any of these materials, we will be happy to process your offer. Our company suplies these materials as rods(round, flat, square and hexagonal), discs, sheets or cutting blocks.